Based on your following of Thomas A. Friedman, do you consider his book From Beirut To Jerusalem recommended reading?

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B. Rynerson. "Here Comes a Regular: Rod Stewart Sings the Paul Westerberg Songbook" would enhance both of their legacies.

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It recently occurred to me that the Jesse Plemons character in Killers of the Flower Moon is a Columbo who doesn’t play dumb – he knows that everyone he encounters will think they’re smarter than he is, and he just looks them straight in the eye as if to say “I know what you did and so do you” knowing the will start babbling to fill the silence. The Leonardo DiCaprio character is someone who will agree with whoever he’s in the room with, hence the horror of the prosecutors that the defense is going to get to talk to him. Ultimately he lacks the complete absence of decency the scheme requires.

I think the great lost Beatles book is Paperback Writer by Mark Shipper.

It sometimes seems to me that Israel has a tragic sense of itself, that no peace with the Palestinians is possible, and a hard line is the thing that will delay its inevitable doom the longest. I don't see how you get by without giving people anything to live for, and if you fight your enemy long enough you’ll teach him how to defeat you. The terrorists seem to believe that if they make themselves the Masters of Death everyone will surrender to them to stop the killing, only for the other fellows show who the Masters of Death actually are.

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It was a bit snarky to mention Lucinda Williams twice in your list of people you think are overrated. She's not writing for you. She's writing for me.

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More to the point comparing 19 yahoo to Hitler is false, or anti-semitic.

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Can you please be specific about what murder you’re referring to or what definition of “murder” regarding a State, fighting a group of rebels? Hamas definitely murdered civilians. But you were using the false equivalency blood libel trope.

I just wrote to the New York Times in this point:

Per Mara Gay and her quote of a 17-year-old, there are zero Palestinians murdered in the past two weeks, and few in the past 75 years.

Please be careful with your use of the terms “ genocide”, “terrorist” or “murder”.

Mark Weiss

Palo Alto

The writer was Jim Yardley’s editor in 1981 and Jack Jacques Steinberg’s Editor in 1985.

Sent from my Webster’s online

PS if your Source A— was born around the September 11, 2001 she would be 22 not 17 and hopefully be more careful about the use of the term “murder” if she went to college like Michigan or CCNY let alone Dartmouth or UNC

I think I was also Kirsten Gillibrand‘s editor in that she was a contributor taking photographs and maybe writing articles about the squash team of dartmouth when I was the sports editor

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On the "Why I like Steely Dan" question, there's a million reasons in my book, but here's something I wrote as a breakdown of a song of theirs, lyrically.


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