I guess there can't be punk rock one-hit-wonders if there never were really any punk rock hits. But if there could be a punk rock one-hit-wonder one of my absolute favorites would be Kleenex's "Ain't You" on the Wanna Buy a Bridge? comp from 1980.

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Im sure you see this Grail! just stumbled over it it's a tribute punky style to you and the Dean, if hes Dean, Yr Holy here was a time back then {Images of America

When all this came to an end Images of America


But now has started again Images of America

And he's becoming a friend Old, weird America x4}

O yeah 'bout Street Legal , Desire and the others you're out on , yr just being subjective spoiled so yr Own fans, know

It's just you, not me,

Just you, not us

Yr wrong about Chomsky too

About Assange, & G Greenwald

Yr outright off about Post Imagine Lennon,

Yr way wrong about the Soft Parade and Van the Man don't like you at all

Time to take a course in the Humble Down ego again

That aside yr pretty good

for someone's who not a creator,

O and yr wrong in Lipstick Traces about R, you didnt read enough, like ANtiOedipus and others , since

stuck in the Old weird AMerIca

O and yr way way way off about Elvis, what would you know about Elvis,

and you were wrong about me

Mister Rolling Stone was not the One

he was a part of that greater thing and he'd never say such nonsense unless he was on drugs

you put Dylan so


you shame


An yr new book does no justice to Desolation Row and other tun e

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