Wow! This is terrific. I had never read this. I agree - "Rabbit's Moon" is one of the greatest films ever made. I really wish I had been there at this historical event. You were lucky you were there. [This post did inspire me to search online for all the films and clips mentioned so I could commune with Anger's spirit - not that he gives a shit.]

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Jun 6·edited Jun 6

Judging from Greil's article, I too would have found the presentation of Hollywood Babylon more enjoyable than the book, which degraded its subjects.

Anger wouldn't have been able to show all of Henry King's "She Goes to War" (1929), because the original version—105 minutes and mostly silent—was hacked to pieces and reassembled into a 50 minute sound reissue. What survives is a jumble of sound scenes from the original and several impressive (and literally infernal) combat scenes.

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